Explore 2020

2020 has seen a steady improvement in my sketching as well as coloring platforms. The array of Copic marker collection that has significantly built up has allowed me to learn new techniques on coloring, layering, blending, and producing dark tones and highlights. Furthermore, I also found ways to embed the Polychromos colors onto the markers to produce a clean and vibrant artwork.

March 2020

With the My Hero Academia wrapping up its fourth season, I decided it would be fun if I produced a Fan Art of my favorite character in the anime. I was able to create a unique blend that encompasses the Polychromos over the Copic with new marker tones that personally meet each shade of the drawing. This blend allowed me to fill in the “white spots” and cover them with vibrant colors.

March 2020

Ever since the start of my anime drawing debut, I never really showed interest in drawing Goku. However, the availability of colors increased the likeliness of a dynamic artwork. Being my first Goku drawing, I was pleased with how the aura and background turned out. At the same time, I was impressed with how the two colors flawlessly bonded with each other.

May 2020

After successfully completing my freshman year with this wonderful professor, I decided that the best thing I could give her would be a cartoon drawing of her. Safe to say, I don’t really do well with portraits.

July 2020

Coming Soon